If you’re recovering from or struggling with a health problem, it’s almost always because your body’s natural self-healing mechanisms haven’t yet done their job.  As an acupuncture physician, I have been specially trained to help with restoring your natural balance holistically, for optimum physical health and emotional well-being.

Oriental Medicine is one of the world’s oldest documented and continually practiced forms of professional medicine.  Its written documentation includes over 2,500 years of empirically based knowledge, and the actual practice of this medicine is probably much older than that.

Most people seek out Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine after being disappointed with the results of medications and other treatments. Even the strongest modern drugs usually can only mask symptoms, not cause healing. Along with medications’ known side-effects, long term use of one or more medications can actually amplify bio-chemical imbalances within your body.  True healing is only possible when your body heals itself.

That’s what makes Oriental Medicine so powerful.  It works by assisting your body’s self-healing mechanisms and correcting biochemical imbalances, through the customized application of acupuncture, oriental bodywork, and herbal medicine.

As an acupuncturist, I’ve been privileged to see many, many cases of healing, even after nothing else worked. Please review the conditions treated page to see if acupuncture and Oriental medicine may be appropriate for you. If you’re interested in discussing if your specific condition is a good candidate for treatment, please contact me to arrange a free 15 minute consultation. Or simply book an appointment.

I look forward to helping in your healing process, beginning from within.

Mimi Vreeland